How surprised would you be to feel really good about knowing your cycle?  

As you take action in this guide, notice how you become really interested in all the ways you can perfect your flow.


Step by step action guide to know your monthly cycle.

In this FREE action guide you will get the follwing resources:

  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker
  • Learn How to Reduce PMS Anxiety
  • Discover the Seed Cycling Method + Chart
  • "The Seasons" Self-Care Checklists
  • How to Videos

What would it be like to get really excited about understanding your cycle so that you can... free from burnout, overwhelm & procrastination.

If you align your lifestyle, business, health, fitness and wellbeing to your menstrual cycle then you can picture yourself saying buh-bye to period pain, low energy, mood swings and feeling like a crazy b*tch all the time!  

Imagine yourself knowing when exactly in your cycle to work, rest, play, set goals, plan, manifest, spend time alone, start a new hobby and/or habit, when to speak in public or even launch a new product in your business!  

The first step towards this goal is to know your flow.

  • Downloadable Menstrual Cycle Tracker so that you can take back control, thrive in your mind and body and live in alignment with your flow.
  • Learn how you can reduce PMS anxiety, so you can improve your mental health, manage your thoughts and make better decisions that make you feel good.
  • Self-care checklists, so that you can build a healthier relationship with yourself, boost your confidence, self-esteem and avoid burnout and overwhelm. 
  • Learn the Seed Cycling Method, so you can balance your hormones, improve your wellbeing and increase your energy levels
  • Uncover my some of my proven step by step strategies so that you can take the next steps to finding your flow, ditching PMS and become the best version of you  


This is for you if:  

  • You want to understand how you can improve your cycle & make it a daily habit
  • You're ready to quit burnout, overwhelm and to function as "normal"
  • You're a entrepreneur, coach, service- based business owner who wants to create balance in your life and career without the constant hustling.
  • You're no longer willing to settle to being a slave to your hormones and flow.  

Hey love! I'm Vianney.  

I’m the founder of Status Flow Collective, education and empowerment platform that helps you to transform your life through the power of your period.  

I used to struggle with severe PMS. Actually, my PMS was so severe I was diagnosed with PMDD; pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. PMDD is a hormone-based mood disorder. I used to secretly fear that I’d lose my friends and family because once a month I’d hit the self-destruct button and felt completely disconnected to everything and everybody.  

I struggled with a lot of negative self-talk, shame and guilt around my condition.  

I felt like my periods controlled me & I was going crazy.  

What I can tell you about myself now is life is now COMPLETELY different.  

Just 5 short months of being diagnosed with PMDD, I no longer had any more symptoms. Zero.  

I'm now a Menstrual Cycle, Success & Mindset Coach, a speaker, and an author. I’ve been featured on BBC Radio London, Note To Self, The Feminine Flow and Moody Month. I’m certified by the IBCP as an NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life & Success Coach, EFT & TIME Techniques Practitioner. 

I’ve taken my story of healing from a mood-based hormone disorder and turned it into a platform that empowers, supports and educates women on how to thrive in their minds and bodies so you can stop being a slave like I was to my hormones and flow.  

Vianney's work immediately strengthens your mind-body connection and awakens your feminine powers. To say I find her work inspiring is an understatement; to describe her as a menstrual cycle guru would not be an exaggeration.” 

Rebecca Roy

This guide was very insightful in helping me understand how my period can become an ally instead of something I dread. Actionable steps of how to honour yourself, rest, rewire your mind to accomplish your goals without the hustle mentality. Vianney shows that through the power of your period you can rest and take aligned action. I highly recommend this action guide to all ambitious women.

Maryam Davis

"Vianney is an incredibly compassionate human, who is reaching out to others, by telling her own story. All while helping stop stigma that surrounds our menstrual cycles. Great help if you're having issues with your periods, suffer from PMDD or you are seeking empowerment and understanding of your periods."  

Sophie Boosey