Activism: How do you do it without burning out?

As you take action in this cheat sheet, notice how you start implementing this work in a slower way that is sustainable.


32 Ideas To Use Your Cycle Superpowers for Social Justice

In this FREE cheat sheet you will get insight into my 4 phase framework for aligning social justice efforts into your life and business.


What would it be like to avoid overwhelm & guilt about activism so you can...

  • get clear on exactly how you want to serve.
  • find your voice to step up even when you're scared of screwing it up.
  • serve, act, build your business, work full time, and be with your family.  

Imagine knowing how to get past the guilt of working with your cycle for activism and change instead of going, going, going, all the time. 


Hey love! I'm Vianney.  

I’m the founder of Status Flow Collective, education and empowerment platform that helps you to transform your life through the power of your period.  

I used to struggle with severe PMS. Actually, my PMS was so severe I was diagnosed with PMDD; pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. PMDD is a hormone-based mood disorder. I used to secretly fear that I’d lose my friends and family because once a month I’d hit the self-destruct button and felt completely disconnected to everything and everybody.  

I struggled with a lot of negative self-talk, shame and guilt around my condition.  

I felt like my periods controlled me & I was going crazy.  

What I can tell you about myself now is life is now COMPLETELY different.  

Just 5 short months of being diagnosed with PMDD, I no longer had any more symptoms. Zero.  

I'm now a Menstrual Cycle Alignment Expert, Life & Success & Coach, and the host of the Periods and Power Move Podcast. I’ve been featured on BBC Radio London, TOTM Organic, Urban Veda, Note To Self, The Feminine Flow and Moody Month. I’m certified by the IBCP as an NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life & Success Coach, EFT & TIME Techniques Practitioner. 

I’ve taken my story of healing from a mood-based hormone disorder and turned it into a platform that empowers, supports and educates women on how to thrive in their minds and bodies so you can stop being a slave like I was to my hormones and flow.